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AATF CT French Student Singing Competition

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The AATF-Connecticut’s French singing competition for students:

Like a virtual “Idol” competition, “Alors, on chante!” is an opportunity for your French students to sing a song “en français” and win glory and trophies or certificates. 


Simply submit a video of your students singing in French, whether filmed in class or anywhere, and that’s all there is to it!

  • All types of French-language songs are welcome.

  • French students of any level are welcome to participate. 

  • Solo acts, small groups, or large groups are all welcome.

  • From a basic "iPhone video clip" to a formally-edited mini-film, anything goes!


A panel of judges will award prizes from different categories, based on submissions received. 

At the last competition, the following prizes were awarded: 

  • La vidéo la plus réussie

  • La vidéo la plus touchante

  • La plus belle voix

  • Le meilleur grand groupe

  • La performance la plus émotionnelle

  • La performance la plus entraînante

  • La meilleure chorégraphie

  • La performance la plus grunge

  • La chanson la plus énergique

  • Le groupe le plus dynamique

Some guidelines and tips from the judging panel:

  • Clips must be between 1 and 4 minutes long.

  • Students should not be visibly “reading” from printed lyrics.

  • Emotion and enthusiasm are encouraged.

  • Performance should ideally reflect/convey the meaning/feeling of the lyrics.

The competition for 2024 is over.

Thanks to all who participated!


EMAIL Laura Longacre at

Some winners from past "Alors, on chante!" competitions are below:

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