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Devenez membre...

d'une VRAIE communauté

de professeurs de français dans le Connecticut


National Membership in the AATF costs $55.00

+ $7.00 for Connecticut chapter dues.


Note: Membership runs the calendar year, from Jan. 1 - Dec. 31st.

Here's how to



1. Click HERE for the AATF online store.


2. Log in or set up a new log in.

3. Your "AATF CHAPTER" will be


4. Follow payment steps and voilà!



Email AATF president

Jon Shee:

"What do I GET with my AATF membership?"

In Connecticut..for YOU:


- Professional Development - workshops, conferences, and other French PD activities


- Community - social events such as dinners, cocktail parties, outings, concerts, etc.


- Advocacy - resources to support, promote, and grow your French program


- FRIENDS and Fun! - AATF CT events are a fantastic way to make new friends/colleagues.


For your STUDENTS:

 - Local concerts, presentations, contests, and other events to get them excited about French

 - Discounted prices for the National French Contest (Le Grand Concours)

 - National French Week contests - CLICK for info.

 - National student awards - CLICK for info.

 - Membership in the "Société Honoraire de Français" - CLICK for info.

 - Nominate any public or private secondary school or university student for an

   "Outstanding Senior in French" or "Excellence in French" award - CLICK for info.

 - Walter Jensen Scholarship for Study Abroad - CLICK for info.

 - AATF Connecticut Senior Prize - $500 scholarship for CT high school seniors- CLICK for info.



 - AATF members receive 4 issues of the National Bulletin and 4 issues of the French Review.


Other Benefits/Opportunities for YOU:

- Participate in the AATF's year-long webinar series - CLICK for info.

- Benefit from the work of the national AATF Commissions - CLICK for info.

- Consult AATF advocacy resources- HERE.

- Take advantage of leadership opportunities in the AATF - CLICK for info.

- Apply for AATF Summer Scholarships - CLICK for info.

- Apply for awards and grants for you and your students - CLICK for info.

- Apply for the AATF Exemplary French Program award - CLICK for info.

- Submit to and be published in AATF national publications - CLICK for info.

- Submit a proposal to speak at and/or attend our annual national convention - CLICK for info.

- Apply for a Dorothy S. Ludwig Excellence in Teaching Award - CLICK for info.

Vedettes d'Honneur de l'AATF Connecticut

Recognizing our most actively involved members: On vous aime trop!



John Winthrop

Middle School



North Haven

Middle School



New Fairfield 

High School

Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 2.32.20 PM.png



West Haven

High School





High School

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