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Mentoring for French Teachers

Bridge with Gargoyles

Besoin d'inspiration? Envie de partager?

Join the AATF-CT Mentorship Program as a Mentor or a Mentee!


The purpose of the Mentorship Program is to connect beginning teachers with experienced teachers outside of their schools. Experienced teachers will act as mentors and listen to their mentees' needs in order to provide insights and support. The program coordinator will survey mentors and mentees to find good matches and follow up on any questions they have. Once mentor and mentee are in contact, they will establish program goals and determine how to meet throughout the school year (virtually, in person, or a combination of both).

What to expect:

  • The program is designed to be flexible: suggestions for structuring the process will be presented to the mentor and mentee at the outset, who will decide what works best for them.

  • The time commitment is also intended to be flexible, focusing on the mentee's needs and availability. The mentee and mentor will decide how often to meet. 

Interested in being a mentor?
Interested in being a mentee?

Find out more by reading the guidelines or take the survey.
For other questions, use the contact form below. 


Contact Heidi Edel to participate or to find out more:

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