RESULTS - 2019 AATF National

Francophone Culture Trivia Contest 

Participation in the 2019 contest doubled from the 2018 contest!

• Over 5000 visits to the informational website

2100 plays by 37000 students: Level B round 1 contest

597 plays by 9800 students: Level A round 1 contest

407 schools officially submitted their top scorer's score

The top 20 scorers from each level of Round 1 went on to play the Finals Round.

Finals Round Scores Below:

Félicitations à tous les gagnants!

The 2019 Trivia Contest is over.

Level A - Elementary/Middle School (grades 1 - 8)

Grand Prize: $100 !

Runner-up prizes: $50


Level B - High School (grades 9 - 12) &

University Undergraduates

Grand Prize: $250 !

Runner-up prizes: $50


The teacher of the Grand Prize winner will win a

FREE AATF membership for 2020!

This easy-to-administer contest of 25 trivia questions takes about 15 minutes using Kahoot, a free online game site.  

Questions are in English and cover cultural aspects of the francophone world.

Teachers run the contest themselves, in each of their classes, at a time that is convenient for them.

Teachers will need to project from their computers for all students in a class to see the questions displayed.

Students will each need an internet-ready device on which to answer (such as a smart phone, laptop, desktop computer, iPad, etc.) 

Students of French, grades 1-12 and university undergraduate students whose teachers/professors are members of the AATF.

How much?

Students of AATF members play for FREE!  Not yet an AATF member?  Click HERE.


Teachers can choose the best time and day to hold the Trivia Contest, most likely during class time with their students,

between 6:00 am CST on Friday, November 1st and 5:00 pm CST on Friday, November 8th, 2019.


  • Detailed directions for play and a video that explains the contest in detail are below.

  • NOTE: All participants must acknowledge that as this is an online competition and that internet/computer speeds, wifi configurations and limitations, etc., will vary from school to school, this may therefore have some effect on student scores.  As there is no way to regulate this to uniformity nationwide, all participants agree to recognize this as unavoidable, and to approach the Trivia Contest with the understanding that it is designed with the main goal of being a fun activity to engage students with francophone culture.

  • Kahoot's "Help" page, HERE, answers all technical questions.


Practice Trivia Contest

  • CLICK HERE to play a practice Trivia Contest with your students....just for fun!

Finals Round:

The highest scoring students from around the country will compete against one another during a second "finals round," during the week of November 11 - 15, 2019.  The finals round will be given via a similar format as round 1. The top scorer will win the Grand Prize.  Finalists' teachers will be notified by 4:00 pm CST on Sunday, November 10th if their students qualify.  If a finalist does not participate in the finals round, he/she is eliminated from the competition.


If there is an exact tie for first place between 3 or fewer scorers, the Grand Prize will be split among them.  If more than 3 students tie for first place, then a tie-breaker round will determine the winner.  After this, those who were tied for first place and did not win will receive prizes of $50 and second place rank(s). Runner-up prizes will follow these top-ranked winners.

The winners' names (only first name and last name initial, like "Bobby F.") and scores, as well as their teachers' names and their schools' city/state will be shared publicly, including but not limited to in AATF national and local websites and the AATF National Bulletin, and via AATF social media/emails. Non-winning students' names/scores will not be kept long term after the awarding of prizes. Kahoot's privacy policy can be found HERE and the AATF's privacy policy can be found at


• My and/or my student's device or the game froze during play.

        Dommage!  In order to maintain the integrity of the contest, students are not allowed to access the game more than once.

        Unless the device/game froze prior to the display of any questions, replay is not allowed for that group. 

• I can't figure out how to do a screenshot of my top scorer's results (though see bottom of this page for directions).

        Use a phone or camera to take a picture of the screen.      

• For other troubleshooting, click HERE before contacting AATF contest administrators, please.





to learn







For Kahoot-related technical questions,


first before contacting AATF contest administrators.


For questions that are not Kahoot-related technical questions,

contact AATF contest administrators via email:

Jon Shee -

Megan Diercks -


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Move the crosshair pointer to the corner where you want to start the screenshot.

Drag to select an area, like creating a window.

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Find the screenshot as a file/icon on your desktop.


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