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2020    Contest Results Below:

For Round 1, there were over 2400 game plays across Levels A and B this year.

The top scorers in Round 1 then went on to compete in an elimination-based Finals Round with 25 challenging questions.

LEVEL A - Beginner

Level A Grand Prize Winner:


Jared G., taught by Marilynn S. Newman of Shelbyville Central High School in Tennessee

Jared successfully answered 15 questions and wins the $200 Grand Prize and a digital certificate for Level A; félicitations!

Marilynn wins a free AATF membership for 2021!


Level A Runners-up:


1. Successfully answered 13 questions: Nate L., taught by Jennifer Bell of Rye Junior H.S. in New Hampshire

2. Successfully answered 11 questions: Tatum Z., taught by Stacy Seger of Xavier College Prep in Arizona 

3. Successfully answered 8 questions: Oliver R., taught by Christine Goulet of William Diamond Middle School in Massachusetts

4. Successfully answered 7 questions: Leland W., taught by Sarah Longcore of Emerson School in Michigan

5. Successfully answered 5 questions: Enrique A., taught by Edna-May Hermosillo of Pace Academy Middle School in Georgia.

6. Successfully answered 5 questions: Fiona M., taught by Rachel Fowler of Grayson High School in Georgia.


LEVEL B - Intermediate/Advanced


After the Level B Finals Round was over, there was a dazzling tie between 4 students earning perfect 25/25 scores.  

A live tie-breaker round for these perfect-scoring students determined the winner.

Level B Grand Prize Winner:


Alan Z., taught by Soukeyna Diop-Tall of Livingston High School in New Jersey

Alan successfully won a live tie-breaker round and wins the $200 Grand Prize and a digital certificate for Level B; félicitations!

Soukeyna wins a free AATF membership for 2021!

Level B Runners-up:


1. Made it to the live tie-breaker round: Jasmine A., taught by Marleine Chiofalo of SchoolNova at Stony Brook in New York

2. Made it to the live tie-breaker round: Andrew Q., taught by Robin Hickey of Northeastern High School in Pennsylvania

3. Made it to the live tie-breaker round: Ethan H., taught by Jennifer Houston of Half Hollow Hills H.S. West in New York

4. Successfully answered 24 questions: Laura S., taught by Leila Kosiba of BASIS Independent Silicon Valley in California

5. Successfully answered 21 questions: Alexander B., taught by Pamela Thompson of Shenendehowa in New York

Runners-up will receive $50 and a digital certificate; félicitations!

All finalists and their teachers will receive digital certificates.

2019     Contest Results Below:

Participation in the 2019 contest doubled from the 2018 contest!

• Over 5000 visits to the informational website

2100 plays by 37000 students: Level B round 1 contest

597 plays by 9800 students: Level A round 1 contest

407 schools officially submitted their top scorer's score

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